The Velvet Rope

The Velvet Rope is a new BDSM and swingers club in the centre of Swindon, less than a mile from the Intimate Torment shop.

Located in the centre of Swindon, the club is a 4 minute walk from the bus station, an 8 minute walk from the train station, and backs on to a multi-storey car park (Just £2 to park from 6pm to 6am).

There are also 2 hotels, The Holiday Inn Express, and The Jury Inn, both within easy walking distance.

Hosted in a spacious 2 storey venue, the lower level boasts a voyeuristic layout with a comfortable seating area, a bar, a super king size bed and a bespoke cage that will hold many naughty subs.

Upstairs there are private rooms and more public play spaces, all well equipped with both toys and furniture. There is also a second bar/coffee area with seating and  bondage furniture for the voyeurs and exhibitionists amongst us. So if you ever want to find me, you know exactly where I will be.

Needless to say, Intimate Torment will be regular visitors, and hope to be hosting regular parties here in the new year. Obviously large parties will have to wait, but the club is fully Covid compliant, with a one way system, table service, and plenty of anti-bac, and are ready to welcome visitors now, so check out their website. The Velvet Rope.

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures to wet your appetite.

As well as the massive bondage bed, the downstairs bar has a ‘naughty corner’ and a giant cage.

We love this ‘under bed storage’ system. Perfect for keeping your subs in before putting them in the bedhead stocks.

The upstairs bar area is the ideal place to enjoy a coffee while your sub waits for you.

If you like public play you will love this furniture. 

But if you would rather have a private room, then The Velvet Rope can accommodate you.


Friends of Team Torment

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We are delighted to offer this new service to our loyal customers. Just a little thank you from us to you. So many of our customers come back to us time and time again, not just because of our massive range of products, but because of our friendly service and our understanding of your needs.

Not only will you earn points on your online purchases, but our friendly team of girls in our will be glad to add your points onto your account for anything you buy in our shop in Swindon.

You will need to create a Friends of Team Torment account.

Interested in hot wax play? We talk to James from Dominixwaxplay candle makers

How did you start making candles?
I had been making candles for sometime, so I already had a good understanding of how wax worked.
I started to make BDSM candles for my own use and gave some to kinky friends to use on their subs. They all said that they felt great, were easy to work with and that I should start selling them.

Why are your candles different to the candles you buy at the supermarket?
My candles are fundamentally different to shop bought candles, they are made for waxplay, the material used is entirely biodegradable and vegan friendly, coming from a plant based renewable source. There are no petrochemicals.
Most people know about soy wax, but these are made from 100% ecosoy wax, the next generation if you like. The colours are made with no petrochemicals* and are solid through each candle, if its red on the outside its red all the way through.
All my candles are made from a plant based renewable source and are entirely Vegan friendly, biodegradable & none have of the ingredients have ever been tested on animals.
*With the exception of my UV candles which include 1% UV Dye which is made from less than 1% paraffin wax.

Can you explain the manufacturing process and how long it takes?
So, making them is harder than people think. There are so many different things to consider, but basically I clean every mould by hand first, wick up the mould, whilst warming the wax pellets and then add the dye and pour into the mould.
I allow the candle to set and then let it cure naturally. Often additives are added to the melted wax to help it cure faster and allow it to release from the mould quickly but that adds to the burn temperature and can be unstable.
It can take as little as 4 days, or up to 10 days from start to finishing a batch. Each candle is hand made and hand finished.

What is your current range and do you have plans to introduce anything new?
My current range is quite big in BDSM candle making terms. Some make lots of other things but I’m the only mainstream BDSM maker totally dedicated to waxplay, so my range is big and increasing. 15 different colours in my Standard Candles. 10 colours in my splash pots. 4 UV Colours in both Standard UV and UV splash pots. Plus other candles like Shibari, I Candle & a Dungeon Candle in 10 Colours. With more being tested as I write.

Are they safe to use?
When I started to make candles for wax play, I was very careful to ensure that they were as safe as is possible, my knowledge of wax and the additives helps greatly. I always include instructions with each order to ensure safe & sane play. The instructions include the basic steps such as taking a skin test before playing and how to apply the wax from both a Top or bottom perspective, along with parts of the body that should be avoided at all costs.

How do you clean the wax off your skin afterwards?
Cleaning my wax off skin is easier than most candle wax. You can use a knife to remove the wax, bringing knife play into your play session. You lay the blade of the knife flat against the skin and use it to scrap off the bulk of the wax. Once that has been done on the whole of the body a simple hot shower will clean off any residue and leave the skin nice and smooth.

Do you do wax play demonstrations? If so where?
I am happy to give demonstrations and always Demonstrate my candles at Fetish Fairs such as BBB, Lam, LAMchester & Swamp. Very happy to give demos to munches and other groups. I’m happy to discuss this with you.
A You Tube video will be out in 2021. As will a WaxPlay book I am writing.

Have you any amusing stories from your demonstrations?
I once did a demo in Birmingham and had no response from the Wax bunny at all, which was a little disappointing, so I used my new icandle, which is basically a tapered candle which is inserted (hence the icandle name) either into the anus or vagina and lit, the sub has to stay still or the candle splashes all over. I certainly got a reaction when it ran down and dripped onto her bottom.

Where can people buy your candles?
My candles are available from a good range of places, Fetish Fairs as already mentioned, where you can buy them from me direct and even try them before you buy. Or from my website of course from or the shop in Swindon.

Where should people go to find out more?
There is a vast amount of info on “BDSM” candles and which ones to use, on Google and on Fetish sites. A lot of it is very mis-leading especially info from the USA. You really have to make your own mind up but what I would say is this. Never use a “shop bought” candle never use a scented candle, never use a tea light. You can more or less guarantee that if the candle is made in China then it is likely to have contaminated wax or chemicals in it.

Interview with Intimate Torment owner Tanya

How did you start Intimate Torment?… 

In 2012 I was happily working in H&S and FM. On the 16/02/12 I woke up paralyzed down my right side unable to think or speak….  After getting to the hospital I was told I had suffered a stroke and a few hours later was told it was my 9th the first 8 were TIAs the first being 20 months before…  Had two more small strokes, lost my job as I was as thick as a brick walking and speaking like I had downed a bottle of Jack Daniels thanks to the golf ball size haemorrhage in my head and was wondering what I was going to do with my life….. I slept so much for the first year (still do) and the following January was talking to my friend Nick who had a started an extreme BDSM business with his partner… I made a few suggestions and he asked if I would like to join them on a new project another friend suggested the name Intimate Torment and we have not looked back. Not saying that you need to have permanent brain damage to think about a career in the sex industry but am sure without it I would be stuck in my old job and not having the best job ever.

Where you kinky before?…

Well I knew you so maybe? I have never seen myself as kinky I am a very private person and am not interested in what goes on between other people. As long as people are happy doing whatever they do to float their boat as long as it is consensual, I say go for it. I spend hours helping people enjoy their lives without getting personal and if people want to trust me and tell me what they are looking for will help them find what they are looking for and no one else will every know unless they wish to share things. As for my “Kink” knew for a very long time that I needed control, when I was 18 I found out about BDSM and age 20 met my Husband and a natural D/s relationship followed which we have lived for 30 years in October which makes me feel calm. Nobody would guess as I am no shrinking violet and am happy to have my say but a certain look makes me feel alive.  Kept it a secret from everyone yet Fifty Shades came out when I was in hospital and on visiting work or reading on FB many women were raving about having their own Mr Grey and talking about things I would never have said out loud. To anyone who wants a Mr Grey though I have read the books and seen the films (each time with about 20/30 friends from the BDSM community) and after each have all been rather shocked of the non-consensual side of Mr Grey and also disappointed he had a lovely dungeon and no idea how to use it.

When did you open the shop?…

I bought the shop on the 1st May 2015 it had been open for 2 years when I bought it. I added more products, Intimate Torment and got to meet even more people. I have the best staff who love the shop, our customers and are so positive about the website. They also help me remember things as I am hopeless and come up with some great ideas and are never afraid to tell me when they think something won’t work. “Team Torment” are amazing.


What do you like best of running a sex shop?

The Customers.  We have people from every lifestyle as customers and many that aren’t.  Single people often want a toy to have some fun with, couples who want to spice up their sex life and then people from many different lifestyles. Everyone is welcome and nothing is odd to us.  We have customers from 18 to 87 (87 is the oldest gentleman who has shared his age so far and hope I am as happy as he is if I get to such a great age). We had a lady in a couple of years ago who felt she was a little overweight had been single for 10 years and at 62 had met someone and things were going to get Intimate. She was shaking when she came in and apologised for bothering us as we would not have anything for her?  We reassured her she was not bothering us and found around 10 items that would suit her and convinced her not to run away but to try some things on in private in our changing room.  After about 5 minutes we heard shrieking coming from behind the door and asked “are you ok” when she burst out the door crying smiling and shouting “it fits it fits and it makes me look pretty” and it did she had a smile so wide and was running round the shop head held high and looked 10 years younger.  It is not always what you buy that makes you feel good it is the confidence you gain by realising you still have “it” whatever “it” is. She is now a regular customer and days like that are so special.

Who is Cedric?

Ah Cedric. Cedric is my fluffy little bundle of love who on the 16th January 2016 was crying and meowing around the shop somewhere. We had heard him before and searched for him but could not find him. I went into my storeroom and heard him again and realised he may be in the ceiling. I made a hole with a pair of scissors convinced I was insane, and his little nose came through the gap. I then carefully cut a hole and his head peeped out and eventually I managed to get him through onto my shoulder. He was really thin and homeless so after a visit to the vets he came home with me and has lived with us ever since. He became very well known and the story went viral. People were messaging to say where they had seen the story it got a lot of comments in Malaysia of all places, the paper picked up on it and a magazine did an article that made me sound like Mary Poppins on Crack but Cedric Skittle became a very famous Peeping Tom and we love him so much.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

When a stripper came in to ask if he could perform at shop parties for tips? He told me that he performs at Hen Nights and described his act (I have never seen a male stripper) and when he started talking about what he did with a can of whipped cream I was horrified (if he had tried to do that with me he would have walked with a limp for life) consent seemed to matter very little to him as women love it? He then offered to do a routine for me as he wanted to buy some thongs and if he stripped for me I could give him some discount! Even though I could not see a can of whipped cream in his very tight jeans I advised him “if you keep your clothes on and promise not to gyrate I will give you a thong for nothing” he was so confused he left without a thong. I prefer a man in a suit if I did go to a strip show and anyone came one wearing An Officer and a Gentleman uniform I would be stood on my chair yelling “On On On” if I am ever light enough would love to be picked up and whisked off.

Do you have any toys at home?

Many! Sex toy wise The Doxy is my all time favourite it is so well made and the power is intense. But have many toys that create many sensations. My Husband bought me my very first vibrator, I was 20 years old and did not even know women could do that (see I am naive) but OMG it was amazing and when it broke I was gutted as it was not as easy back then to buy a new one. As for BDSM toys we have 100s of them but when you own a shop it is too tempting not to add things and see how they work but often go back to the beautiful cuff set made by The Old Paddle Shop in Bristol as that set is very special to us alongside many of their toys.

What makes Intimate Torment different from other sex shops?

I don’t know enough about other sex shops to say we are better or different as I am sure anyone who is made to feel comfortable in a shop will continue to shop there and say it is the best. That is what we strive to be the best for our customers. We want them to feel comfortable and not made to feel like they must buy something. We always say the only stupid question is a question not asked. Some toys can be expensive and we sell toys at all levels so if someone is curious about a toy we often sell a cheaper one to see if they like it as spending a fortune on something you don’t is a waste of money. We research how things work so we can explain what they do and are happy to share sites that give information. We come from the BDSM scene many people want to give that a go in the privacy of their own homes or we have people from the scene shopping with us. We welcome everyone no one is judged, and we simply want people to be who they are and have some fun.

Where else do you sell?

Every month you will find us at the BBB Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar which is a BDSM event with a huge stall that we set up in two hours and take down in 30 minutes. It is a fun day out and we get to spend the day with friends who pop up from all over the country with other traders and see people spending the day walking around being who they want to be even if that is just Fred in a pair of jeans. Going to places where people do not judge is refreshing. We also sponsor and have a stall at Aurora (Swingfields) each year which is a massive swinging event that lasts for 3 days. As a non-swinger the very best part of whole event is the amazing wood fired pizza makes it all worthwhile. We also work in some clubs and meet ups with a small stall if people ask us to bring it (we don’t have to beg anymore to be let in which is nice) and we do shop parties or home parties if people want to have one.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

I would like to think we will still have a shop, but it is extremely hard to survive in retail these days. It would be nice to think we had other shops too, but it is not easy. I like the fact people can come in and see what they are buying and ask questions when they buy them. We are relaunching the website which did very well in the past and we hope will do so again. There is still a lot of stock to add to it and we have upgraded it several times before launching and will continue to make it the best it can be once it is live. Really hope the events are still running as they are so important to show off the skills of those clever people who make their own stock and brings people together in a safe environment.  Would also like to hold some ladies nights to show off our products and put on a good show (but will be checking the strippers intentions before they are allowed on stage).

10 great positions to improve your orgasm

If you’re reading this, you probably like to experiment in the bedroom to keep your love life as exciting and fresh as ever. Trying out new positions can be a great way to reinvent your love making and turn the heat up to 11. Not only can experimenting with chapter 2 of the Kamasutra be great way to spice up your bedtime playtime, some of the positions can help to improve the female climax. So here are 10 positions to improve you orgasms, demonstrated by our virtual models, Richard and Frances! Of course, these positions are not exclusive to a male and female couple, but unfortunately my rather excellent 3d app didn’t have a strap-on in it’s extras list. Shame!

1. Aquarius

Also referred to as the ‘butt lift’, this variation on the missionary position is relatively easy to achieve. The angle of penetration increases contact with the G-spot, and raising your hips will increase blood flow to your head, intensifying the whole experience. Lifting your legs so they rest on your partners shoulders will increase the blood flow to your head still further, while closing the walls of the vagina around his penis.

This position also exposes your clit, so why not add a little finger fun with a Screaming O FingO Vibrator

2. Cowgirl

Experiment with different leg positions for comfort and a change of sensations. This position will put you in the driving seat, adjust the speed, depth and angle of penetration. Again, this position exposes your clit, so don’t forget to put those free hands to work. Not only can you control your experience, you also get to control his, allowing you to climax in your own time.

While you are on top, why not take advantage of your elevated position by restraining your partner with a pair of  BOUND Nubuck Leather Wrist Restraints

3/4. Doggy

No doubt this will not be a new position to you. After the missionary position, this has to be one of the most popular positions there is. However, when it comes to a better orgasm, we can’t really leave this one out. The angle of penetration increase contact with your G-spot, it also increases it’s depth. If you enjoy a little role play, this position will increase your feelings of submission, even more so if your partner grabs a handful of your hair. And facing away from your partner will allow your imagination to run riot. Try putting your head down on the bed to increase the feeling of being dominated. Having your partner put one of their legs up around your thigh, their knee pushing against your side, and pulling you back towards them will complete the fantasy of submission.

If you are a little more daring, try some double penetration with Ultimate Double Penetrator Ring


5. Doggy Barrow

A little harder than the doggy position, but not as strenuous as the wheel barrow, this will get the blood flowing to your head, excite those fantasies of submission and expose your anus to your partners attention. If you like your partner to take control, this position will put you in your place. Have your partner grip your buttocks, massaging them while rolling your pelvis around.

While this position will leave you pinned down and helpless, your hands will still be free, so why not help your partner out and hold a wand massager on your clit.

6. Table Top

Sometimes, one of the most exciting things you can do in the bedroom is to use the door, and go into another room. And if you have a suitable table, this position is a must. The angle will increase G-spot contact, raising your legs will pump more blood to your head, and bending your legs at a right angle to your body will close the walls of your vagina making a tighter fit. And if that’s not tight enough, put your knees together with you calves resting on one of your partners shoulders.

While you’re in this position, it would be almost rude not to give your nipples a little attention. So you might want to think about some nipple play toys.

7. Harp

This reasonably easy position allows for deeper penetration and increased G-spot contact. It’s quite a comfortable position which can be maintained for a long period of time. It exposes your clit, so get your partner to play with you with their thumb and fingers.

If finger play doesn’t quite hit the spot, perhaps something from our clit teaser selection might do the trick.

8. Anvil

This is a great position if you can manage it. It provides very deep penetration, and increased G-spot contact. Bending your legs at such a angle will tighten the walls of your vagina, and if you like to feel restrained, you enjoy the feeling of being pinned down. While your hands are free to play with your clit, there won’t be much room, but if you’re the happy owner of a wand massager, you’ll be able to hold it in place.

If you like the look of this position but think it looks a little difficult, consider treating yourself to a Saffron Thigh Strap.

9. Flatiron

This position is for the more talented! There can be no confusion as to who is ‘on top’ here. So if you like to play the submissive, and your partner is ‘blessed’ with the ability to perform this, then this position can be very exciting. If not, you can spread you legs outside their legs, which will make this a lot easier, but not quite such a tight fit.

If your partner is not so well endowed, or if they are female, you could have just as much fun with a Unisex Hollow Strap-On.

10. Superwoman

If you can manage this, then you have truly earned the title of “superwoman”. This will clearly get the blood rushing to your head, and it should fulfill any fantasies of submission you may have. It will also not just increase G-spot contact, but also the pressure of that contact. And if raising the bar excites you, then this should certainly hit the spot.

If this is all a little to ‘vanilla’ for your tastes, why not pull out (or push in) all the stops with one of our butt plugs.