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We launched Me-NoPause just over a year ago for all ladies at a certain time in our lives.

Myself and 3 ladies who make up most of the female division of Intimate Torment are all at varying stages of menopause and we talk about it often.  We pass on tips share what we have read and sometimes cry when we need to.  Of course crying is good and always ends up in insane laughter as this is just all so ridiculous.  

We have a massive advantage because we spend most of our working day talking to people about intimate things so discussing what our bodies are doing to us NOW!!! is so much easier.

Then there is Sex.  Lack of libido, discomfort, incontinence etc which mostly leads to embarrassment and makes that lack of libido even more lacking.

In our Me-NoPause section are the lubricants, condoms and toys that are better at this stage of our lives and can still make us feel “YES YES YES” alone or with our partner.  

Whilst Sex isn’t everything being close to our partner and not pushing them away and being able to Orgasm comfortably is not the worse way to spend time.  Plus it burns calories and whilst having this type of fun less chocolate is consumed.

This section is still a work in progress as so many new products are launched and we are doing our best to keep on top of it all.  But we are reading and learning all the time and when we are happy that a product does what it says it does we will include it.

Since the brilliant and beautiful Davina McCall revolutionised Menopause by getting us to talk about it with her ground breaking show “Sex, Myths and the Menopause”  we are seeing more and more women asking advice and buying lube, toys etc that enhance our experience as we change.

So for now let’s embrace this odd, annoying, strange and exhausting time of our lives and find a way to get through it and not for the first time in our Female lives realise just how bloody marvellous we are!!!

Tanya x

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